Queen's Marque Selects Wallace Quarries Ltd. for Historically Relevant Facade


One of the largest purchases of Nova Scotian sandstone in the last century

The Armour Group Limited (The Armour Group) is pleased to have secured locally quarried sandstone from Wallace Quarries Ltd. (Wallace Quarries) to be used as the main cladding material for the Queen’s Marque development now taking shape on the Halifax Waterfront.

This substantial procurement makes it the largest order for Nova Scotia sandstone in over 50 years. Wallace Quarries dates back to 1863 and represents an important legacy of locally founded, owned and operated Nova Scotian business. The choice of Wallace sandstone demonstrates Queen’s Marque’s commitment to being shaped by Nova Scotia’s past, present and future by incorporating the region’s natural resources in a respectful and artful manner.

The unpretentious, yet beautiful, Wallace sandstone will suggest the rugged and resilient shoreline that inspired the architecture of Queen’s Marque. The colour and texture of the material is a nod to notable historic buildings in Halifax such as the Dominion Building, Halifax City Hall, and the Nova Scotia Legislature.

Intentionally selecting a stone indicative of Nova Scotian terrain allows Queen’s Marque to positively impact the region and local businesses. Requiring over nine months and 10 people to quarry from a seaside site in Wallace, NS, the stone will help build a form that is born of this place. Queen’s Marque is dedicated to being a deeply local endeavor from initial concept through to completion.

“We at Wallace Quarries are very excited to have been chosen as sandstone supplier for this major and prestigious project in our home province of Nova Scotia,” said Tom Flynn, Owner, Wallace Quarries.

Queen’s Marque will represent an almost $200 million private investment in Nova Scotia by The Armour Group with a target completion date in 2020.