The Armour Group Welcomes Stewart McKelvey To Queen’s Marque


The Armour Group Limited (The Armour Group) is pleased to announce Stewart McKelvey as the first commercial tenant in Queen’s Marque, a district shaped by the distinct character and experience of this province and currently being constructed on the Halifax Waterfront.

As Atlantic Canada’s preeminent regional law firm, Stewart McKelvey is a natural fit for a project striving to be a forward-looking architectural representation of Nova Scotia. The union will positively impact the region and local businesses and help to shape the waterfront as a bustling public gathering space.

The Queen’s Marque District includes areas to work, live, eat, stay and explore. Food and beverage leasing is actively taking place, with an emphasis on local providers looking to create an experience ‘Born of This Place’.

“Queen’s Marque is proud to have been chosen by Stewart McKelvey as its new Nova Scotian home,” said Scott Armour McCrea, CEO of The Armour Group Limited. “We are looking to create a deeply local place with a combination of regional integrity and vision, two values that we believe are also fundamental to Stewart McKelvey. Like our firm, Stewart McKelvey has an ongoing dedication to furthering Atlantic Canada.”

Lydia Bugden, CEO and Managing Partner of Stewart McKelvey, noted the long history of both firms as significant contributors to the region and the project as heralding Atlantic Canadian excellence, saying, “This was a significant decision for our firm. We look forward to sharing our new, creative environment with clients and staff.  Queen’s Marque allows us to pay homage to the past while embracing our future – a collaborative and innovative work space on the waterfront.”

The project offers the law firm an efficient and eco-conscious environment with a gentle footprint. By design, Queen’s Marque is strategically placed to maximize solar heating and minimize summer heat gain. The primary heating and cooling systems for the district utilize chilled beam and heat pump technology, where water is drawn in from the harbour and circulated throughout, creating a comfortable environment while dramatically lowering energy usage and costs.

Stewart McKelvey is the first tenant announced for Queen’s Marque and will occupy almost 75% of the office component of the project. Queen’s Marque will represent an almost $200 million private investment in Nova Scotia by The Armour Group with an overall target completion date in 2020. For more information visit