Our Work

The Armour Group strives to contribute to our region in a meaningful way. Our diverse portfolio is built on the mandate of creating a “sense of place” and is unique in its integration of the concept design, development, construction, and internal management of all real estate assets. We seek to establish destinations of enduring value and, in accordance with this belief, have not sold a developed asset in the Company’s history. Where possible, we operate and support businesses that complement this mandate and further extend our ability to provide greater value and experiences for our clients.


Real Estate Development

The Armour Group began as a fully integrated real estate development company. We take great pride in designing and building properties to own and operate into the future. We handle all aspects of creating inspiring projects from the initial idea and design, through the actual construction, and then management and maintenance of the finished product. We are proud to have built several of the most recognizable and significant developments in Halifax. We seek to establish destinations of enduring value and have worked hard to provide a ‘sense of place’ in all of our projects. 



Construction & Integrated Project Management

The roots of the Company, and the foundation of our integrated product-based approach across all of our businesses, lie within Armour Construction. We meld our construction and integrated project management model to ensure the consistent capability to deliver on time and on budget. With an ‘owners’ viewpoint we offer enhanced value in not just executing plans but in identifying and solving key problems, unlocking opportunities, and ensuring operational success for assets at every stage. Our unique integrated project delivery model, which is the hallmark of our corporate success, is a great advantage for clients considering any type of commercial building development or construction project in our region.


Tourism & Hospitality

Hospitality and tourism is an integral part of The Armour Group’s diverse portfolio and complements our dedication to enhancing Atlantic Canada. Through hotels, tourism specific services, and food and beverage offerings, The Armour Group is enhancing the experience of visitors and residents alike.


Property Management

For The Armour Group, real estate is a passion not just an investment; where superior results can be garnered through active management over time. Our fully integrated team places an emphasis on specialty knowledge and the capacity to manage, position, and extend the success of real estate assets for our clients. Proficient in all asset classes, we offer property management and asset services to a broad spectrum of clients. Our professional team is seasoned in meeting the needs of Fortune 500 companies, mission critical sites, and other complex facilities.


Building Services

The capacity to provide excellent service offerings is bolstered by our knowledge of and participation in various building service entities. We strive to utilize and leverage the expertise established within our team to offer clients’ facilities services and products that align with our principles of excellence, long-term relationships, and the creation of a ‘sense of place’.



The Armour Group looks to invest in complementary Atlantic Canadian organizations and services that share our principles of excellence and pride in our region. Our Company considers a variety of organizations, from entrepreneurs to established enterprises, to invest capital in order to contribute to our partner’s achievements. Where possible, we seek to leverage our own team, portfolio, and operating principles to offer additional support and specialized expertise to each firm in which we invest. We believe in strengthening the local economy through discovering companies with great potential and facilitating the realization of their unique goals.